Welcome to the New Keystone Wire


Beginning May 1st, 2013 Keystone Wire will start implementing new processes and services that will allow us to be more than simply a wire and cable supplier. We are committed to delivering the finest wire and cable products in a consistent manner with exceptional customer service.

Over the coming months customers will enjoy the benefits of the following improvements:

Keystone "Commitment To Excellence"

  • An updated website with access to products and specification sheets … Check back soon!
  • eCommerce portal offering customers 24 hour access into our system to view inventory levels, review open quotes and price sheets, track orders and place orders all in real time.
  • Droid and iPhone apps allowing customers to review quotes and price sheets, place and track orders, and contact sales reps while in the field

We will begin to bring into inventory a product line that will guarantee our Keystone customers the highest quality products the market has to offer, this new product line will be called "Keystone Plus".

Keystone Plus features

  • American-Made product
  • Ascending/descending sequential footage markers
  • Available in assorted colors and stripes
  • Pre-lubricated cables that reduce pulling friction up to 70%
  • Ripcords for easier jacket stripping

Keystone Consistency Guarantees

  • Product identification (wire and cable items will be clearly identified with part number and description plus additional information such has your company name, PO#, Job#, weight and O.D. of the item)
  • Product - same product from the same manufacturer every time you order
  • Spool and box size
  • Shipment procedures

Additionally, we'll be offering our customers patented labor savings solutions that will significantly reduce the time it takes to pull and install our cable, while creating a safer work environment for technicians in the field.

At Keystone Wire, our goals are ambitious, but our resolve is real. We look forward to working with you as we evolve into the wire and cable supplier our customers deserve.